Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Successful Faire Season!


My name is Hilde, and if you've met me or my family, you'll remember me as the viking who carries a giant spoon. You probably ran into us at the Florida Renaissance Festival in the past month. My plunder ( a group of vikings is a plunder, like a group of crows is a murder) is pretty new to the festival circuit, but the last few weeks have been a great adventure. We've heard a lot of great music and got some great photos, mostly courtesy of the fabulous Starwind Evensong (she's a more established viking, and helping show us the ropes). You can check out some of our recent travels at our facebook page,

The Festival may be over for another year, but the vikings still have plenty on plates- and in our tankards. We've got an art show coming up April 23 (calling all artists and crafters who want to lend a hand!) and we're working on starting up an etsy store to sell some of our wares. Keep an eye on us this year- we hope to vend at Camelot Days in the fall, and we'll be posting about our progress in tent-making, wardrobe-building, and weapon-smithing all summer.

Let's spin some yarns together!

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  1. Hailsa, Hilde! Thanks for mentioning me - but I must say it was my delight and pleasure to meet and spend time with the fantastic SF Yarn Vikings! Love you guys!